Klarolaks -
Water Treatment

 A fresher approach to on-the-go water purification 

Key benefits

Klarolaks Chlorine Dioxide based portable water treatments offer unique properties compared to existing chlorine, bleach or iodine treatments. This breakthrough in performance, ease of use, cost effectiveness and improved safety is game-changing. 

It has approval from the German Drinking Water Ordinance #11 for effective treatment of drinking water and we are progressing approvals with other international jurisdictions and standards, including UK DWI and US NSF ANSI 60. 

The chemical efficacy of Chlorine or Hypochlorite vs Chlorine Dioxide are very different. Chlorine Dioxide is a dissolved gas that rapidly oxidises Viruses, Bacteria and other pathogens such as cysts and protozoa as well as biofilm. It is also very fast acting and leaves no aftertaste or discolouration. There is no known mechanism for pathogens to develop resistance to its efficacy. 

Finally, it is also very cost effective, with one small bottle able to treat over 100 Litres of drinking water. 

child drinking from tap

Key benefits


Effective against all water-borne pathogens

Hypochlorite-based products require higher dosage rates for some pathogens

Fast acting

Chlorine-based products require 30minutes minimum reaction time. Other products can be longer

No chlorine taste

Better than chlorine and hypochlorite based products

No harmful reaction by-products

No THMs or AOX, which can be formed with chlorine and hypochlorite based products

Effect on all water sources

Unaffected by pH or Hardness. Chlorine and hypochlorite based products have pH limits

Long shelf-life

Has a shelf-life measured in years, and once activated, it lasts for months