Klarolaks -

Klarolaks is a break-through in disinfection and water treatment for your farm


Key Features

CoviPure’s Klarolaks is a break-through in disinfection and water treatment technology that will improve and simplify your on-site potable water treatment. Approved by UK DWI and other international regulatory bodies for treatment and disinfection of potable water, it brings multiple advantages over incumbent systems.


Reduced mortality rate through improved drinking water hygiene

Trials of Klarolaks has proven link to reduced mortality in Broiler farm trials over an extended period of time (6-months+).

Prevents reinfection

Provides a stable Chlorine Dioxide reserve preventing reinfection.

Eliminates biofilm and less damaging to equipment with repeated use

Fast and effective elimination of biofilm in potable water systems. Does not embrittle plastics in water distribution systems.

Proven Livestock drinking water treatment and disinfection

Addressing contamination from multiple pathogens: bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.

Active ingredient – Chlorine Dioxide

Fast-acting, safe, highly effective and proven in drinking water applications – used for over 60 years in municipal water treatment.

Simple 1-drum treatment

Does not require a Chlorine Dioxide generator – ideal for all agricultural applications.

No reaction with water-borne organic matter

Unlike chlorine which reacts with organics and can form harmful reaction by-products such as THMs and chloroform.

Concentrated stable liquid formula

Simple to apply and low dosage rate.

Trials and Results

Trials were conducted on a Broiler farm with multiple Houses using bore-hole water that had previously tried several water treatment programmes. The treatment with Klarolaks was optimised over one Crop and then utilised with multiple Crops over many months and all data monitored. Direct comparison of mortality data from previous water treatment programmes showed a documented reduction in post 7-day mortality of more than 20%. The treatment programme with Klarolaks also simplified control with reduced need for system flushing, chemical measurements and dosing adjustment.

Our Active Ingredient

Chlorine Dioxide is a selective oxidising agent and biocide, that remains as a dissolved gas in water and is effective over a wide pH range. It has a low oxidising potential – so its less corrosive than Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide, Hypochlorous Acid and Hypochlorite. However, it also has a higher oxidative capacity – meaning its more effective at oxidising pathogens. It is also fast-acting, meaning reaction time is minimised.

It is effective with all water sources – including surface water abstraction, Wells, Bore-Holes and mains-supplied water – where long pipelines and storage tanks creates opportunities for contamination, which need to be addressed.

Biofilm eradication and prevention is also beneficial in Horticultural applications, eliminating the biofilm and associated pathogens that can reduce flow rates and cause corrosion.

Agriculture water


Due to its highly concentrated formulation, the application should be proportionately applied. A simple dosing system based on a flow-meter and peristaltic or diaphragm dosing pumps is satisfactory, with testing to optimise control. It may be possible to adapt an existing dosing system. However more accurate control can be achieved with an ORP or Chlorine dioxide sensor controlling the dosage pump and drawing undiluted product directly from the delivery container. We can work with your water system supplier or advise directly on dosing systems. Raw water chemistry can affect the dosage rate and equipment must be appropriately sized to achieve optimal performance. To achieve around 0.2-0.4ppm of chlorine dioxide in the treated water, the dosage rate should stabilise at 3-6ml per 1000L of water. The starting dosage rate may be higher to initially sanitise the system or if contamination is high.

The dosing system and storage area for Klarolaks should be protected from temperatures below 5°C and above 35°C. Treatment may need to be paused if Probiotics or other veterinary treatments are applied in the drinking water.

EU / UK BPR Part 5 approved – for disinfection of drinking water for both human and animals.